Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 67, Back to the trail we go

Daily mileage: 26 ish
Mile 1158.9-1185.25

Well we knew it was coming, we had to leave the vortex eventually. So we woke up and packed, ate as much fruit as we could and wandered around in circles before finally leaving. Watched the clouds grow as we neared the I-80 rest area, and when we got out were blasted by cold wind.
Yup, we're headed straight into that cloud.

Spent the morning in a foggy cloud, nice and chilly at 41 degrees with wind. But hey, we managed to be hiking by 7:45 in the morning so at least we would be able to get some decent miles in.
You could tell there were mountains and meadows, but mostly you were just traipsing through soggy trail in a giant foggy cloud bank.

The miles kept sailing by as the trail rolled on. The clouds started to break up a bit but it stayed chilly. Walking through forests and meadows with some patchy snow and definitely wandering off the trail a few times when the pine cones were particularly dense.

I had thought that the miles today might be tough, we wanted 25 miles today because we have to get to Sierra City tomorrow to pick up a box and we had a late start. But somehow I showed up to siesta and we had done 17 miles by 2 pm which is awesome. And then even better news, there had been a miscalculation and instead of 23 miles tomorrow we actually had way less. If we could do 8 tonight then town would only be 15 miles away, much nicer than 23. So we got to enjoy a full siesta with fresh veggies and hummus and then easily went another 9 before calling it a day. It barely felt like walking today, everything just flowed so well. Good times.

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