Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wait, who are you guys?

I spend quite a bit of time alone out here and one of the things I tend to do is write journal entries in my head as I walk. The thing is, by the time I actually sit down and type something lots of things get forgotten. You guys just get the word vomit that happens at the end of the day (or days later) when I'm tired and just want to sleep. So yeah, things tend to get forgotten. So I thought I'd take a moment to answer a question I keep getting asked.

You say we a lot, who are you hiking with again?

Well simply put its a group of 4, the cousins, caveman and myself. Between Gourmet and Clay we have officially been named the Siesta Crew. Not the most original, but I'll take it.

I first met the cousins way back near Scissors Crossing, and honestly they were super speedy and I was pretty positive I would never see them again. But our paths kept on crossing and a loose group formed. Still I don't think I really considered myself a part of their group until Moss and I hiked out with them at Idyllwild. Before that our group had been as big as 7 but that's when it really started to feel like one group, not just some folks hiking near each other. Moss ended up leaving us at Big Bear and we had P-track for a minute but lost him too. Then at the North Fork Ranger Station we first met Caveman. He had no idea what to think of our silly slap happy selves and beat a quick retreat that day. It wasn't until a giant vat of guacamole at the Saufleys that we won him over and he's been with us ever since. So that's our group. We wake up early, don't really spend much time in towns, enjoy our siestas and make a mean kale salad.

As far as individuals go:

The cousins are originally from Chicago and have been adventuring for the last 4 years in between seasonal work. No thruhikes yet but they are long distance cyclists.

They are Cheese Whiz

And Toasted Whiskers (TW).

In case you caught it their names have actually changed, they used to be grey jay and squirrel but names are changeable out here and these had better stories attached.
TW has a blog covering their adventures at:

Caveman is originally from southern California but has been living in Hawaii for the last 7 years, this is his first thruhike too but he is a crazy ultra runner and pretty amazing. He has a PCT blog on postholer, if you go to and search caveman he's the only one.

And then there is me, Focus. Caveman also keeps calling me camel because he seems so amazed at how much water I like to drink. Thats the fun with names out here, it all just depends on the day. So there you go, that's the siesta crew for now. Heading to Canada, enjoying ourselves the whole darn way.

On a side note I finally updated the dates on the care package tab. So if anyone has any desire to send me things feel free, it should be pretty accurate. I love all baked goods and pretty much anything from Trader Joes (have you had their flattened banana? So delicious), granola, trail mix, nut butters, pretty much any food will bring more joy to my life :) okay enough begging, thanks for reading my rambling thoughts today.

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  1. Excellent description of your group. I spent about 15 minutes one day last week trying to figure it out by reviewing your posts. Thanks for taking the time to clarify for us homebound-reality-journal-readers! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of your group as you passed by Donner Lake area. We drove up from home in Auburn on the 24th for a day hike. Only saw one through hiker that day- OnTime. Keep up the good work ( I mean FUN)!

    1. No worries, that was a pretty area. We actually saw ontime while we were napping next to bucks summit. Such a small world on the PCT :)