Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 48, Glen Pass

About 6 miles on the Kearsage Pass trail and PCT mile: 790.5-804.5

Well hello coldness, this morning was no joke. Got up to see no snow accumulation but trying to pack a tent in gusting wind and under 30 degrees is not exactly easy. Actually I gave up and just half packed it, stuffed it into a pocket and headed out onto the trail.
Climbing up to Kearsage Pass it got crazy, the wind was icy and blowing and the temp was 21-22 degrees. You really couldn't stop much but it made the hike go pretty quick...
Right over the pass was even more ridiculous, the wind hit with a vengeance and it dropped to 18 degrees, and wow did it feel colder than that. Only thing to do was keep walking and enjoy the view, if you do ever get the chance to resupply out of Independence I highly recommend the loop we did. It is beyond gorgeous. And I'm sure usually on the warmer and less blustery side.

And then it was back to the PCT and on towards Glen Pass. This is the kind of pass I always used to picture as a kid. Steep and rocky and honestly kind of scary climbing down. You start up this rocky canyon with glacier lakes and frozen streams crisscrossing the trail, creep up to a steep rocky ridge line and then head down over more snow and icy scree/boulder strewn trail all covered in giant patches of ice.

Looking down during the climb up

Looking out over the ridge line

Heading down

Frozen icy trail

Enjoyed Rae Lakes on our way down the mountain.

New great views, the 800 mile mark, and a suspension bridge. Great afternoon.

Back up a canyon we climbed. Hiking until sunset and the hopes of a warm and wind protected spot. Sleeping on pine cones, looking forward to tomorrow.

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