Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 66, the ultimate vortex

Miles: 0 :)

We take zeros so rarely that they are that much more amazing when they happen. So we had originally planned on heading back tonight to do 6 or so miles, but let's be honest this place was too good and we aren't going to have a chance like this again, so instead of a nearo it's a zero :)

We slept on the giant wraparound porch last night and when it started to rain just scooted under the eaves. We are already getting spoiled. Eating and chatting with folks at the house had the morning speeding by. We went out grocery shopping and then Cheese Whiz, Caveman and I started what turned into an epic granola baking afternoon. Salad and homemade granola for our resupply, why yes I do love kitchens.

The day passed much too quickly. We all spent way too much time on computers but we all got to cook and bake and eat way more than we had expected. What an amazing zero. The plan is to head out early tomorrow and actually start hiking again.

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