Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 41, And away we go, ever so slowly

Mile 702.6-704

So that's what it feels like not to hike or resupply! Today was officially the closest we've gotten to a zero day since kickoff (over a month ago). Woke up a little late, hiding from the 30 degree cold instead of immediately hiking. Wandered down to the fire where there was hot coffee and a bunch of other thruhikers.

After getting a little warmer Thomas (seriously such an amazing trail angel) made pancakes and everyone sat around chatting. The morning was filled with small chores, useless trips to the store, eating, frustrating computer time (real world you can be overwhelming and blogger why won't you upload my photos???), more sorting of gear and food, hammock time, and even more eating. Surprisingly busy for a day with nothing to do.

Afternoon saw us to the nearby Alpaca farm (I know right???). Just 0.4 miles up the road.

Back to Thomas' and more eating and raiding of the hiker box. Wasted more time doing I have no idea what but suddenly it was late. A few rounds of cards later and a giant box of free toffee still had us not hiking at 7pm. New hikers were rolling in all over the place and after snagging just a little more free food from Dr.Sole we finally headed out. Insanely full with full bear canisters and heavy packs we hiked until dark and are sleeping in the trail stoked about life and all that is coming in this section.

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