Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 40, Kennedy Meadows!!!

Daily mileage: 13
Mile 590-703

Oh what a glorious day. We spend so much time walking that you get pretty familiar with how fast you walk. People have lots of different paces, there's regular, uphill, downhill and then lots of funny ones like town pace, water pace, and coffee pace (seriously give me coffee and watch me fly). Anyway I generally am not the one to set a fast pace but today was not just town pace but Kennedy Meadows pace. This is a major milestone on the trail and it was time to go.
Descended down into a meadow and contoured our way up and down and all around.

And we finally are near water, the Kern River. We passed a big group of boy scouts and then made a dramatic u turn so we could go swimming, well really just lay down in ankle deep water. Either way it was amazing. We talked to the boy scouts and mentioned that we would love any extra food they had. We were immediately handed some stuff and told they had more at their cars. So we ran barefoot the last mile to the parking lot where we got an epic amount of food. Troop 689 you are amazing.

We even got a ride the 0.7 off trail miles to the general store!

Hung out in front of the store staring at the mountain if food. Ate quite a few MREs since they are too heavy to carry and finally made it over to Kennedy Meadow Toms. The most amazing trail angel. He has a ton of trailers, solar internet, snacks, hammocks, and yet another hiker box to mooch food from. Sat on the porch and gear exploded. Filled bear cans, stared at our packs and sent a few things home and on ahead.

This place is beyond great, Tom even picked up avocados for us while he was in town. We had a gigantic box of food we didn't want to pack out which became our miscellaneous dinner box and we ate way more of it that was necessary but man was it good.

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