Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 55, Zero!!!


A whole day off, what a wonderful novelty. And in Yosemite valley, how much fun is that? Our plan for the morning was simple, in Curry Village there is an all you can eat breakfast buffet from 7-10. So at 7 am there we were, carting out backpacks and at least 4 flat rate boxes we hadn't sorted yet. The guy at the register looked completely overwhelmed by us, but we finally convinced him we weren't crazy and walked across the giant room to the farthest corner where our smell and junk was out of the way. I guess hikers with a ton of gear don't show up that often.
And then it was breakfast, for three hours we sat in that dining room taking our time, charging electronics, and enjoying the surprisingly good selection of fruit along with all the other junk a breakfast buffet offers. Caveman's friends stopped by for a bit which was fun, and we even saw the guy who gave us a ride. I guess after all of our excited chatter the day before about breakfast he was sold.
Finally full and ready to face our next resupply debacle we headed out and set up camp in front of the deli and near the grocery store. We were getting ready for another long stretch, 6 days and 152 miles. Somehow we stayed there for over 5 hours sorting gear and food and running all of our errands.

Honestly I don't know how we killed that entire day but after searching for Internet and only finding super slow wifi and then eating dinner the day was gone, but what a great day.

Sorry for the lack of photos, apparently that gets skipped on zero days too.

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