Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 101: More Winds

7/31: mile 15.2-1827.8
Miles: 27.6
Total trip miles: 1632.2

It wasn't quite as cold and with our low mileage the day before it was a little easier to get going in the morning. It took us forever but it was less than a mile to the top of Texas pass where we took silly pictures and enjoyed the cirque by early morning light.

And I have all my clothes on, Wyoming's colder than I thought

We found snow, and it's a small enough to make us smile not cry.

Then back down a semi trail, crazy steep but at least it was there

Pretty morning lake, we found a GPS and then managed to return it to the 2 ladies who had lost it and kill some time chatting

More pretty lakes, we passed Shadow (?) lake and surprised a lady going to the bathroom and made instant friends. It was a group of local ladies from Pinedale who fed us homemade cookies and another 2 hours were gone. 3 miles by noon, a new record. A mile or two later and we were finally back on the official CDT.

We got apples, what a treat!

Mountain Spice is super excited that we yet again have wet feet

Forested climbing and more mountains

And then the day took a fun turn when we started to meet southbound flip floppers. So much gossip! We found out Rest Stop was ahead and planning to stop about 5 miles before the trailhead to Pinedale. That meant 28 miles just to catch him at his campsite. At 2pm that wasn't going to happen but we decided to at least kick it up a notch and try. Full moon and motivation, we were all

So many pretty lakes.

Yeah the winds are rad.

Of course right at sunset we have a knee deep river crossing, at least it's gorgeous.

And go night hiking go!

This moon is killer. We make it up and over Jack Ass Pass which is surreal and so beautiful. Down at the bottom we reassess, it's getting late and we're pretty tired. We certainly didn't make our 28 miles but we are closer and we had a great time. And tomorrow is Pinedale! It's maybe 8 miles to our 10 mile side trail to Pinedale and we get another town day.

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