Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 107: Green River Time

8/6: mile 1844.9-1876
Miles: 31.1
Total trip miles: 1701

Rest Stops thermometer said 41 degrees and it was definitely a slow start. All three of us slowly trickled out, no rush to be freezing. I got to an intersection and found that my maps said one direction was the official route while my GPS said the other. But I trust my maps and I could see OD up ahead going that way so I figured why not.

So far I've liked the Winds. They've been pretty and different, but today is the first day I'm on board with loving this section. For sure worth its own trip.

I gimped my way down the boulder field. Rocky and marked by cairns but at least it's not a loose scree field like Knapsack Col, I'm still bummed I skipped the alternate but the ankle wins this time around. Around a corner is a stunning lake, yup gorgeous country.

As I start to climb back out I'm shocked to see First Man. We spend some time catching up and as we head down the canyon we slowly run into a train of southbound flippers and one true southbounder, 7 in all over a few hours. The trail winds down to the Green River and I'm loving the forest and the glacial river colors, the only bummer is the haze. I'm thinking there's a fire somewhere but who knows.

On to Green Lakes, so great. I just wish I wasn't limping quite so much. It's a slow way to enjoy the views.

We leave the lakes and are immediately back in prairie, a slow climb and I'm trailing along. Slow and steady but I do eventually get there.

Through a burn, full of wildflowers and one last climb up to Gunsight Pass and a late campsite.

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