Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 110: Togwotee Lodge

8/9: mystery miles
Miles: 8ish
Total trip miles: 1756

Town day! We'll sort of. Most folks are hitching to Dubois from Togwotee Pass but I sent my box to Togwotee Lodge. $5 for a day of showers, hot tubs, laundry and a restaurant, that sounds much nicer than a long hitch and spread out town to me.

Pretty road walk to start.

Right before the road the trail disappears and after a nice cold creek crossing it's a few miles of road walking and the lodge!

We find OD and after drying out our gear take advantage of the lodge and enjoy a mellow afternoon.

OD learning to use bear spray

We're officially in Grizzly country now, we should be in Yellowstone in a day and after the news that an employee day hiking was killed and eaten in the park a few days ago people are a bit on edge.

After dinner we take advantage of free camping crashing 1/4 mile from the lodge and crossing our fingers that the mom and sow grizzly that frequents the area leaves our campsite be.

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