Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 115: Idaho/Montana!

8/14: Old Faithful-2041.3
Miles: 20
Total trip miles: 2064.5

I was pretty unhappy I didn't play tourist and there was an all you can eat buffet at the Yellowstone Lodge so we actually turned around and went all the way back, a first for me.

Breakfast was tasty plus we got to see Chimi and Chilton which was fun. After a shower and a huge thunderstorm we headed back out and played tourist on the boardwalk.

A few miles later we left the tourists and the geysers to climb through hot old burn. The trees were just tall enough to look promising but too short to cast shade. 15 miles in we stopped at Summit Lake and I got to swim which always makes my day.

More old burns as we got close to the border. But a storm was coming, Wyoming didn't want us to leave without a little drama. We knew we were close when it started raining on us, at least it was short lived but thunder was rumbling and we were watching lightning going nuts along the skyline.

Woohoo border! We had big plans for more miles but the storm was getting worse and after a few miles called it quits as it rained for hours. Welcome to Idaho!

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