Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 118: Rock Springs

8/17: mile 2127.6-2155.2
Miles: 27.6
Total trip miles: 2114.1

The day started with a long overgrown switchbacking trail down the mountain. This next 200-300 miles follows the divide and the Montana Idaho border and is quite the roller coaster, but we do get some rad markers.

The trail turned into Targhee National Forest and any semblance of a maintained trail disappeared. Luckily it wasn't long before downed trail have way to signs and it was easier going.

We even found rad errors! Getting close to Aldous lake the trail become beautifully maintained and so nice and easy to follow. Then it was back to more haphazard maintenance but still some pretty nice trail. Messed Up caught up with us this stretch which has been fun since its been ages since I saw him. He and Rest Stop take off and I try to enjoy the burn zones, heat and sheep but really I'm just wallowing in self pity.

I cheer up as the trail climbs, it's smoky but a surprisingly fun climb.

I find the guys camped a little later than I had hoped but Rock Spring is flowing and delicious. I'm happy to be done, it's getting icy cold and windy and my sleeping bag sounds perfect.

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