Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 96: Desert Time

7/26: mile 1667.4-1697.6
Miles: 30.2
Total trip miles: 1504.9

It was a nice night, but it's never a great sign when it's already too hot by 8. We'd had a slow start and I was already having a tough morning, zero clouds, no wind and a slow rolling climb. At least only some of the road was sandy.

I would have skipped the off trail water but Rest Stop was thinking straighter than me. We both had water but extra improves my mood by miles. The map said the well might be off but it was only 5 minutes off trail and turned out to be a brilliant choice. Cold water and I'm a different person.

It was cows, antelope and sagebrush for miles. About 10 miles in we stopped at the A&M Reservoir. A very strange disconnect to see shiny cars and fishermen. It feels like you're alone out here even though there are dirt roads and telephone lines, but it's just a funny illusion.

Hot and sandy

One of these is not like the other...

A few miles of sandy trail made for a long afternoon in the hot sun. The wind helps but I'm noticing the weather pattern and it's a no go for the umbrella in the windy afternoons.

There's a great spring right after cook creek and I happily waste time. The thing is miles are always calling. Some folks come out to the basin and kill it in 3 days, the Reverend did a 44 mile day. A few months ago I thought I'd be in the mile crushing group, what better place to see what you can do? It turns out I wilt in heat and honestly just don't feel like pushing 40's so instead it's a slower roll through the basin for me, and I'm enjoying it.

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