Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 114: Old Faithful

8/13: mile 2005.2-2025.3
Miles: 20
Total trip miles: 1844.5

Rest Stop took off and I limped my way through the morning.

I skirted the edge of Shoshone lake and entered Shoshone Geyser Basin. I guess I'm in a better mood today because I couldn't stop giggling as I found myself sloshing ankle to calf deep in muddy water on the supposed trail. I make it past the marsh and really get into geyser land. Sulfur, bright colors and a ton of noise. Knowing something is hot and seeing it boil and bubble is pretty trippy.

Then the walking turns back to trees but the ankle feels good so I'm amazing. The only tricky thing is my food, I'm pretty much out of food and end up eating spoonfuls of parmesan for lunch as I laugh at myself.

The last mile into Old Faithful is long, I can hear traffic but it's taking forever to get there. As I walk up to the lodges and the geysers I see First Man and OD, and I'm just in time to see Old Faithful go off. It takes a few minutes but it's pretty cool, honestly the tourists are more fun to watch than anything else.

I get a much appreciated meal, real food beats spoonfuls of parmesan any day. There's been some yellow blazing (hitching) around us which is how OD managed to get to the park so much earlier than us and both First Man and OD are planning on skipping bits on the way to Lima. I'm still on a continuous footsteps north kick so it may take me a bit longer but I'm still getting there.

I grab my box at the post office and eventually we resupply and kill more time. I'm not sure how it happens but we don't leave until 8. All the people and atmosphere are a bit much and I don't play tourist like I had intended which I'm disappointed about but all in all not a bad day.

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