Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 103-105

Miles: 0

My ankle still hurts. I'm gimping around town cranky and nervous. Rest Stop convinces me to take some extra time off. Right now I'm aiming for a finish around 9/20. Which really isn't that far off, but I might kick myself right off the trail if I push to hard to fast.

It doesn't hurt that I have some of the most amazing friends ever. Jen and Garret (I know you guys are reading this how come we still don't have silly trail names for you river trash?) meet me in Pinedale. Feeding us,ferrying us around and just catching up. It's amazing to see them and I feel totally spoiled.

Most of my photos are good, not surprising when you run out during a section I suppose...

Man these two are great

Who knew Pinedale had good Chinese?

I even found an old coworker from the Bay Area!

Visited the mountain man museum, it's fun playing tourist.

Mountain Spice takes off after a day, she doesn't want to do some of the off trail stuff I'm considering but I figure we'll see each other eventually. Jen and Garret play tourist in Jackson and then we grill in the truck bed. These guys know how to travel. They head out out and Rest Stop and I kill one more day. Resting my ankle, finally doing the last few chores and even watching tv. What a luxury. My ankle is still swollen but so much better, crossing my fingers and heading out in the morning.

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