Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 111: to the Horse Highway

8/10: mile ?- 1956.8
Miles: 20? (Don't throw paper maps away before you look at miles...)
Total trip miles: 1776

Rest Stop convinces us to go back to the lodge for breakfast. I'm not to hard to persuade, my ankle won't stop bugging me and I'm cranky about hiking.

We do eventually leave, although we only make it a few miles before finding a good lunch spot on the river. It's pretty much my fault because it's hot and swimming sounds much better than hiking.

Those are the Tetons, too bad it's so hazy

Almost back to the real CDT and still real trail!

It may not have been particularly stunning but it was trail, and right now I value that pretty darn high. We were joking the other day about how low our trail standards have become and this mud pit nonsense still made me happier than cross country.

My maps called this the Horse Highway. Pretty much a dirt road filled with poop but so very easy to follow.

Down in the valley the trail follows a river and I get to catch up with a number of southbounders and flip floppers which is always fun.

Then a climb out of the valley and yet again an early stop, but it's by a creek and that's always a plus.
I can't wait to walk like a normal person again.

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