Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 108: Across the prairie

8/7: mile 1876-1903
Miles: 27
Total trip miles: 1728

I had a rough morning. Sunrise is pretty and the trail is heading downhill, but I think the ankle is getting to me. It doesn't seem to be getting worse but the constant limp and 2 mile per hour pace is hard mentally and physically.

Looking back from the pass.

Then it was 7 miles of new "trail." Trail is pushing it, there were signs within your sight line and a split between overgrown uneven 2 track and trampled grass through hole filled cow pastures, slow going but at least I could see where to go. This section had green carsonite posts which are so much better than the brown I'm used to, I could actually see them!

A long day of nothing too thrilling just too much time in my head. Towards the evening I find Rest Stop and OD waiting for me. We walk on the actual divide for a bit through more old burn.

I call it quits early, the view is great and I'm beat. OD heads on another mile or so to a spring because he's out of water. I'm sure we'll see him again but for now I'm just enjoying sitting still.

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