Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 123: Smoky Business

8/22: Deadman Lake-Simpson Creek
Miles: 27.2
Total trip miles: 2208.1

Whenever I woke up during the night it smelled like campfire, and by daylight it looked like thick fog except it's just smoke. What a bummer, it really looked like it was clearing some yesterday.

The morning is a mix of trail and alternates. One loses us time because we accidentally stay on a road too long and have to climb back but the other saves a few miles and I get to see pika again so a win in my book. We have to cross Nicholia Creek which for me is icy but uneventful, Rest Stop manages to sink over a foot in the mud and while I laugh uncontrollably Messed Up appears making it even better since now I have a witness. He left town a few hours after us so I'm not surprised to see him, looks like the Lima crowd is on track to all be in Leadore together and we've got ourselves a new bubble.

These suckers have been amazing, instead of constantly rolling under barbed wire fences this state lets us climb over them!

Past a few little lakes.

More smoky miles along a fence line, sure is starting to feel familiar.

I find myself climbing into a meadow and promptly losing the trail. Up on the divide it's post to post and more time walking in circles trying to find where the heck I'm going. Up down and all around at least I'm mostly on track. I finally start to really head back into trees towards Tex Creek only getting lost in a marsh once. I have a full on temper tantrum and Messed Up catches me, oops I guess that's what I get for behaving like a 5 year old.

It's late and I want to stop but Rest Stop is nowhere in sight and I realize he's gone to the next creek like we had talked about hours ago. This is one of the reasons group hiking stresses me out, I don't want anyone worrying about me. Cranky I accidentally trip and with soaking wet feet thanks to Tex Creek I keep hiking. It's 2 more miles and being annoyed I actually make great time catching up right at dark. There's already a mystery tent set up so it looks like I'll be meeting new hikers tomorrow.

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