Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 125: Leadore

8/24: Bannock pass
Miles: 2
Total trip miles: 2235.4

With only 2 miles and a 9am ride it was a lazy morning. Elf man and Mouth Gravy catch us a few minutes into the morning and we find Messed Up at the pass. Early morning chatting, 100% about food of course. Our ride appears and 14 miles later our pickup is done with the long gravel road and we're officially in Leadore. I am so glad Sam picks hikers up, that's a painful hitch to hope for.

We end up with 12 hikers by the end of the day in tiny Leadore. We hear about people finishing the trail (congrats Shane but seriously we have 600 miles left!)

Population 100, and our last town stop in Idaho, Montana from now on.

Messed Up discovers Swedish French toast is just fried French toast and after a few hours of trying First Man gives up on hitching and stays another night.

The owner of the Leadore Inn has spent the last 15 years wood carving and has a whole boxcar full of his work, it's pretty darn cool.

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