Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 94: Rawlins continued

7/24: mile 1634.5-1637.7
Miles: 3.2
Total trip miles: 1445

The locals walking dogs just smiled at us while we packed up and headed out of the park. This town is super spread out and I had to walk over a mile to the hotel where I had mailed my box. But then I got to hang out a bakery/coffee shop that had delicious food, free coffee refills and wifi. Plus the little ladies who worked there really liked hikers. If you ever find yourself in Rawlins check out Huckleberries.

We found Dan just by sitting and people watching and a great guy on vacation offered to take us to the grocery store. We spent the morning doing our errands. Resupplying in front of the library and I started melting in the 85 degree sun.

At first we were going to leave by noon, then late afternoon. There was a Thai buffet that we couldn't pass up (shockingly good for Wyoming) and then we figured we mind as well stay for dinner.
I had been crazy hot walking into town and I made my first big clothing change of the trip. Heading out into the Great Divide Basin I couldn't handle how hot my shirt was so I'm now sporting a sweet $1 button down that will hopefully help keep me cool. Good job Rawlins thrift.

At dinner Bigfoot texted us, he and Eleanor were only a mile and a half out of town. So of course we waited and then got all caught up. Finally stumbling out of town ridiculously late Dan, Rest Stop and I walked a few miles down the highway, cut into the desert and collapsed in the dirt. A surprisingly good day, thanks Rawlins what a unexpected surprise.

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