Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 106: Seneca Lake Trail

8/5: Pinedale, Seneca Lake Trail- 1844.9
Miles: 17.7
Total trip miles: 1669.9

It's nice to sleep in, taking advantage of dark shades and a real bed. OD calls us and we decide to head out together. He's been trying to catch Rest Stop since around Salida and our 3 zeros helped him out. There's no rush and by 11 we wander up the road hoping for an easy hitch. 30 minutes later we're on our way.

We hit the trail and man does my ankle hurt. I'm really hoping it's just aches from not hiking for 3 days, the swelling is significantly down and I'm just crossing my fingers. OD and Rest Stop cruise up the trail catch up. I trail behind lost in my own thoughts. There's a storm rolling in and the gray skies and cool temperatures are perfect.

I'm liking the Seneca Lake trail way more than Pole creek. Maybe it's just my mood but it seems much more scenic, although over 11 miles is quite the side trip, Pinedale was totally worth it for me. We climb back up to the CDT and its more pretty mountains.

The clouds are getting darker and I'm limping pretty bad. The winds whipping and I can see the bright specks of OD and Rest Stop in the distance.

There's nothing like walking into a dark cloud 30 minutes before dark above treeline. It starts pouring minutes later. We pass a cuben tent and meet POD and Disco of the Trail Show podcasting fame, but it's freezing and pouring so it's a short chat. We cut down to a lake and it keeps pouring while we set up and I'm so cold. It's been awhile since I set up in weather and it's so nice to finally be in my tent. I have almost all my clothes on and it's chilly, but at last I'm dry.

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