Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 117: Are those mountains?

8/16: mile 18.8 (Macks Inn alt)-2127.6
Miles: 25
Total trip miles: 2113.5

No photos to start the day, over 2500 ft of climbing on a lovely well grades road. The cool morning helped and 7 or 8 miles later we got to the top. Rest Stop missed a junction and I had a fun temper tantrum trying to figure out what to do.

Nothing too dramatic in the end, I followed footprints and eventually found him. Then it was cross country down and along hell roaring creek. Which was kind of cool because it is the most remote source of I think the Missouri/Mississippi River.

Then down past Lillian lake and then an alternate to Blair lake for water. A little cross country until we could find the trail and then some more road walking.

Screw the smoke, it's great being back in the mountains. A nicely graded and switch backed 1500 ft climb to round out the day. It was great.

Such nice trail!!

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