Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 119: Rock Creek Springs

8/18: Rock creek spring-Lima
Miles: 20
Total trip miles: 2134

It was 34 degrees out when I woke up, and what's the rush when you're heading to a town you're planning on spending the night in?

Look more markers, and this one isn't even Idaho/Montana

Rolling cow fields, forest and even giant mushrooms for a change

Climbing and then rolling along fence line staring at smoke

We start getting close to interstate 15 and all the trees are gone, but even in the smoke it's pretty

We make it to the highway and give the motel a call, they offer rides so we don't have to hitch along the interstate. Town is great, we see Messed Up enjoy our dinner and hope the smoke clears a bit. It's even worse in town...

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