Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 121: Rolling out of Lima

8/20: mile 2174.8-little beaver creek
Miles: 20
Total trip miles: 2154

We leave Lima early hoping to actually get in some miles. It's 7 miles of hazy road to start. We take a break in the shade of a bush, sitting under a bush next to a culvert and a whole mess of cow pies I'm surprisingly happy. Shade and water are always a win.

After the road my maps warn of the "roller coaster." The trail is on the divide which rolls along the Idaho Montana border and flat is a foreign word. Really we're just following a barbed wire fence, strange borders out here.

It's not true cross country because you're along a fence line and there are occasional blazes but the ground is rocky and uneven and my ankle is causing me all sorts of grief.

We cut down the ridge next to Shineberg Creek on an alternate. So more cross country, but not so bad once we get lower then even more cross country back to the trail and a campsite shortly after. On the bright side while it's still crazy smoky it's the clearest it's been this week.

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