Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 122: Mountains?

8/21: Little Beaver Creek-Deadman Lake
Miles: 26.9
Total trip miles: 2180.9

Well we're definitely in cow land today. My map even warned me about confusing cow trails that would pepper my first few miles. Basically you're nonchalantly walking down a nicely developed trail and out of the corner of your eye you see a CDT post, oops. Most of the cow trails are in better shape than the CDT lately. A whole lot of GPS and small circles this morning for sure.

Then a good long climb, I'm feeling good even if I'm still painfully slow. Down and around getting a few more views but the ankle was starting to kill me on the slanted semi trail. The trail snakes in and out of the forest and fields.

It's all dirt roads and one last climb before long switchbacks to Deadman Lake. I'm happy and cruising. I've caved and spent the afternoon totally lost in podcasts, I'm late to the game but Serial has me hooked.

I get to the lake right before dark and find Rest Stop waiting in probably one of the nicest flat campsites I've seen in awhile. Woohoo for popular places.

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