Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 102:

8/1: mile 1827.8-pole creek alternate/Pinedale
Miles: 20?
Total trip miles: 1652.2

Neither of us slept very well, it was windy and I think we were both pretty excited about town. Since we were up we figured why not and headed out.

It was pretty cold and windy and the few small climbs felt a whole lot longer.

We were happily surprised to find this beautiful basin. After a useless bit of a circle we ended up on the pole creek trail. According to our map in about 10 miles we would finally be at a trailhead and a hitch to Pinedale, so ready for town.

Marshes and mosquitoes started out the alternate, but at least we were supposedly getting somewhere. I was cranky because of how slow I was going and when we found a weekender I was even more beaten down when he told us it wasn't a 10 mile side trail but at least 13. I'm used to the maps being off but I was hoping today wasn't going to be one of those days. It was hot and muggy and we just kept hoping we were closer. The tourists were multiplying which had to mean we were close right? This was a good reminder on how much I hate when I'm off the map.

Cheerful aren't I?

Disoriented and overwhelmed we went straight for food, running low this stretch was not fun.

Then we killed some time in front of library taking advantage of wifi and catching up with Rest Stop. He ended up on a different route by accident and just stuck with it. A local told us we were welcome to sleep in the nursery at the local church and after dinner that's just what we did. Go Pinedale, go.

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