Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 99: To Bridger Teton

7/29: mile 1752.6-1779.8 (purple route)
Miles: 25
Total trip miles: 1585

It was a treat waking up wind free in no rush to leave, even if it was next to a urinal. We packed up, in no rush but figured we probably shouldn't just hang out in the bathroom. Instead we lounged around the parking lot, the shop guys gave us coffee and we avoided leaving even longer.

Rest Stop wanted breakfast and decided to try to hitch to Atlantic City and catch up later on this stretch. With my still swollen ankle I wasn't exactly picturing big miles, although thankfully the swelling was down a bit. So Mountain Spice and I hit the trail chattering away.

Cross country and then the ever present dirt roads. We managed to get off track trying to catch an alternate and eventually ended up where we meant to be.

Purple route walking through the foothills. The country started to change and along with the sage and grass trees started to appear.

Steadily getting closer to mountains, we even got a break at a campground with a toilet and a trash can, we're getting spoiled today.

Getting to the Bridger Teton Wildernesses there was even a register. It's fun to see a few folks are just a day ahead. Tomorrow we'll take the Cirque of the Towers alternate, something I've been hearing about since before I even started this trail. It's going to be great.

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